Speakers & Topics 2010-2016

HSNM Monthly Speaker Program
Our speaker meetings provide well informed perspectives from distinguished presenters on significant social issues. Free and open to the public, fourth Saturday of the month. Upcoming Speaker Meeting Details. Check the HSNM Calendar for more meetings. (There will not be a Speaker Meeting in December.)

2016 Presentations
November: HSNM General Membership Meeting
October: Donna Tara McCaughin, “My Story Coming Out as a Transgendered Woman”
September: Fieldtrip to the Museum of Natural History and Science
August: Kristina Whitney, “Anthropology at UNM and Around the World”
July: Babs Mondschein, “AHA 75th Annual Conference”
June: Ananda Parnell, “Report on Serving the Orlando Community”
May: Gwyneth Doland, “Mysteries of the Roundhouse Revealed!”
April: Benjamin Radford, “Bad Clowns”
March: Marshall Martinez, “Planned Parenthood: What is it and What’s going on?”
February: Dave Thomas, “Creationism Under the Hood: Cargo-Cult Science in the Intelligent Design Movement’s Attack on Evolutionary Algorithms”
January: Film screening and discussion: “Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial” (PBS, Nova)

2015 Presentations
November: HSNM General Membership Meeting
October: Dr. J.E. Jamal Martin, “Peace Studies”
September: Babs Mondschein and Michelle Auron, “Introducing ASK (Atheist Skeptical Kingdom of ABQ)”
August: Dr. Richard Berthold, “The New God on the Block”
July: Benjamin Radford, “Weird Mysteries: Applying Science to the Paranormal”
June: Barry Bitzer, “About the NM BioPark”
May: AHA Conference Report
April: Judy Aron and Madeline Aron, “Festival House: Colorful Stories From a Festive Inn”
March: A Film by Jean Kilbourn, “Killing Us Softly Volume 3: Advertising’s Image of Women” moderated by Members of the Feminist Caucus HSNM
February: (cancelled due to weather, see April)
January: The Humanists of Highland H.S., “Why I Am a Humanist”

2014 Presentations
November: Adrienne Dare, “The Aid in Dying Movement”
October: Vern Hagen and Fred March, “The Public Banking Solution – A National Movement”
September: General Membership meeting- no formal speaker
August: Roy Moody, “What is Secular Buddhism?”
July: Ananda E. Parnell D.Div, CPE, MBA, M.Ed, “The Human Connection: Transcending Labels and Providing Support for Adolescents and Adults”
June: Janet Gerger, “Science in Your Fiction”
May: Havens Levitt, “Marriage Equality: Getting It, Keeping It, and Making It Real”
April: Joel Gallegos, ANSWER Coalition, “Grassroots Organizing – Finding Unity Among Activists”
March: Martha Burk, “Paths to Power: Women, Politics and the Change We Need”
February: Marilee Harrison, Humanist Celebrant, “Creating Humanist Community: A Humanist Celebrant Thinks Out Loud”
January: Lisa Durkin, “The Science Classroom and the Public School Culture Wars”

2013 Presentations
November: Judith Bailie, “Tibetan Buddhism”
October: Vickie Peck, “Connecting the Climate Dots from New Mexico to the Amazon”
September: Yugal Behl, “The Expert Brain”
August: Onesmus Al-Ami, “History of Islam in Black America: A Young Man’s Search for Faith”
July: George Lawrence-Ell and Lorraine Ell, “The Female and Male Perspectives on the Middle East”
June: Bill Meador, “Getting to Know TED”
May: Pete Dinelli, “The Privilege and Responsibilities of Being a Public Servant”
April: Rob Leutheuser, “The Yezidis”
March: Zelda Gatuskin, “The Right to Privacy: Our Fundamental Freedom”
February: Bishop David Boyle, “God, Goodness and Gays: A Positive Approach to Living”
January: Dee Friesen, “Our Universe, Our Home”

2012 Presentations:
December: Fred Edwords, “Sailing the Rising Tide of Reason”
November: HSNM Board and Members: General Membership Meeting
October: David Niose, “The Rise of Secular Americans”
September: Trey Smith, “The Art of Argumentation”
August: Donald Gutierrez, “Literary Arts and Activism”
July: Gail Rubin, “A Good Goodbye: Funeral Planning for Those Who Don’t Plan to Die”
June: “AHA Nat’l Conference” report by HSNM’s delegation
May: Feminist Caucus HSNM and UNM Women’s Resource Center present the film Miss Representation
April: Bill Kimbrough, “The Social Determinants of Health”
March: Peter Simonson, “Emerging Threats to Religious Liberty in NM”
February: Yugal Behl, “Knowledge Bulimia”
January: Roy Speckhardt and Maggie Ardiente, “2020 Humanism: Achieving a Vision that Matches Our Aspirations” and AHA Update

2011 Presentations:
November: General Membership Meeting
October: Rebecca Goldstein, “36 (Bad) Arguments for God’s Existence”
September: Nell Graham Sale, “How the Affordable Care Act Affects Elders and Persons with Disabilities in NM”
August: Jane Ronca-Washburn, Lisa Franzen, Ann and Dick Harrison, and Janet Resnick-Wandel, “The Potentials: George Lakoff Study Group”
July: Janet Lindsey, “HIV/AIDS: It Hasn’t Gone Away”
June: Zelda Gatuskin and Salem Smith, “Report on the 2011 AHA Conference”
May: Juniper Decker, “What’s Happening with Women’s Issues?”
April: Bob McCannon, “The Golden Age of Propaganda: Understanding and Reforming Today’s Media”
March: Regina Turner, “The Challenges of Teaching the Intangibles of Education”
February: Sherry Tippett, “Can Our Democracy Survive under Citizens United v. FEC”
January: Fred March, “The Many Faces of Humanism – Part 2”

2010 Presentations:
November: Fred March, ‘The Many Faces of Humanism – Part 1″
October: Paul Michael Livingston, “Bertrand Russell: From Philosophy to Activism”
September: Dr. Jerry Gilbert, “Would You Mind Repeating That? – A Cognitive Evolutionary Approach to Cultural Transmission”
August: Zelda Gatuskin, “The Raucous Caucus – Women in the AHA”
July: Dr. Bruce Trigg, “No Time For ‘Wait and See’: The Single-Payer Movement after the Obama Plan”
June: HSNM Attendees, “AHA Conference Highlights: Speakers, Awards, AHA News”
May: Kathleen M. Verhage, “Albuquerque’s Stormwater Quality Challenge and Our EPA Permit”
April: Lee Delaney, “The Near-Successful Coup: Radicalized Christianity’s War to Make Our Democracy Their Theocracy”
March: Field Trip to the Mind Research Network
February: Atilla Csanyi, “The Basic Instinct: A History of the Concept of Freedom and It’s Application”
January: Pamela Gravagne, “The Becoming of Age”