HSNM is a democratically-run organization. These are the current HSNM By-Laws, which were ratified in 2011. HSNM members in good standing may request a copy of the final document by writing to president@humanistsocietyofnm.org.

HSNM President – Randy Wall
RandyRandy Wall.JPG was born and raised in Artesia, New Mexico. In 1986, he earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology at New Mexico State University. He has worked in a healthcare setting since, and is currently employed by Presbyterian Healthcare Services as an Administrative Secretary. His interests include the martial arts, science, popular culture and of course, Humanism.

Vice President – Donna Tara McCaughin
Tara has been an activist since she was 16 years old in 1964 and has been a foremost Transgender Activist for the past 15 years since her own Transition. She has spoken in venues all over Florida and from Chicago to Atlanta, as well as presenting the Transgender History Workshop at the National Equality March in
October, 2009.  Before moving to Albuquerque from Gainesville, Fl. she was an active member of her local Humanist Society.

Treasurer – Richard Grady
I am a retired accountant and have lived in Albuquerque for 6 years, but I have been a member of AHA quite a bit longer than that. I love music, especially classical, opera and jazz, and sing in a barbershop chorus and quartet. I am the treasurer of the local chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society, and also a trumpet player who once played in the Tulsa Philharmonic. My other principal hobby is Tournament Bridge. I have three children and 10 grandchildren. I love movies and read voraciously.

Secretary – Cynthianne Yabut
I’m a retired technical editor, volunteering to do my bit to promote humanism and thus reason and civil rights in New Mexico. Otherwise enjoying retirement in New Mexico, with its great climate, scenery, history, and people.

Member-at-Large – Cheryl Gatner
Originally from Canada, I have lived in the US for the past 21 years. I worked as an RN in Canada, Saudi Arabia and here in the US. Being brought up our family
was Secular for the most part, though I did attend the United Church of Canada several times and really never understood what their premise was until I was in my early 20’s. I have always lived as a Humanist. My interest and passions vary but I am now interested in social justice causes, women’s rights, and I have helped coordinate the Humanist Sunday School Family CoOp.

Member-at-Large – Jeanette Smith
I’m originally from Ohio, graduated from St. Vincent’s Girls Academy, and went on to earn two Master’s degrees from UNM. I worked 23 years in the Bureau of Indian Affairs, then 20 years in the Albuquerque schools. I’ve been retired 3  years now and am enjoying myself. I’m divorced, with one adult son. I’ve been a Humanist for about 20 years.

Past President – Ananda E. Parnell D.Div, CPE, MBA, M.Ed.
Ananda Parnell is a native New Mexican, born in Albuquerque, and raised in the Manzano Mountains. She has BA degrees in English and German, an MBA (2006), and is currently a teacher at Highland High School, and is a professional chaplain (Doctor of Divinity). Ananda started teaching in 2004, and sponsored the Gay Straight Alliance at Eldorado High School, as well as Highland, where she now co-sponsors the Humanists of Highland, an atheist group on campus.
Ananda is an interfaith, nondenominational minister; her D.D. dissertation was on spiritual needs in the transhuman age. Her faith base is a “New Age” practice
called Agni Yoga, most closely related to Buddhism.

HSNM Authors and Artists

Donald Gutierrez (1932 – 2013)
Feeling the Unthinkable: Essays on Social Justice

Zelda Gatuskin (Former HSNM President)
Bibliography  Artwork  Blog

Fred March (Former HSNM President)
The Bible Through the Eyes of its Authors
The Many Faces of Humanism: An On-Line Course

Paul H. Deal
Find Paul’s many titles at Amazon.com

Arden Tice
Find Arden’s poetry at Amazon.com


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